At Oquendo, we believe in the importance of quality.

We are defined by the quality of our coffee.

No matter the blend, we work hard to exceed quality standards in every single step of our production process.

We are determined to meet our customer’s needs… And in striving to meet our goals, we have created unique, daring and innovative blends.

Since we believe there is the perfect type of coffee for every person and every moment, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

Oquendo is here to meet your high standards and help you find your perfect cup of coffee.

Since 1986

We started to roast and package coffee beans in 1986, right in the heart of Asturias.

After a lifetime of innovation and commitment to product quality, we are currently one of the top 10 coffee makers in Spain.

Our brands

Our selected beans and experienced roasters allow us to share a catalogue with other brands to meet consumer needs.

Our team

Passion, innovation and commitment: what brings us together and makes us better every day.